Carpe Diem

The name works really well, “Carpe Diem” which is a Greek Proverb and in literal English it would simply mean “seize the day”. That is exactly what I did after every subsequent visit to this small all day breakfast joint in Mcleodgang. It is a German bakery which leaves you highly satisfied and makes you want no more for the next few good hours.Menu look

This was incidentally the first placed I located for a meal on my very first trip and since then it became an instant hit, a trip to the region and no visit here is not even a considerable option. They have some very peculiar style of decoration of tables, anyone who walks in can leave his photograph or a note about anything they want to say or do under the table glass for people to come see and read them.

Tomato Beans & Fried eggs
Tomato Beans & Fried eggs

The place has some of the most classic selection of eggs, porridge, sandwiches, tea and coffee as offerings. They have few great selections of porridge starting from plain to banana and even mixed fruit. The banana porridge was my choice for the long day ahead as it promises to keep you going strong for hours to come, the taste not to mention was a perfect sublime one with great creamy texture becoming a joy ride.

Banana Porridge
Banana Porridge

If you like mushrooms then you cannot ignore the sinful combination of mushroom and cheese in an omelette of 3 eggs and fresh mushrooms. On sides you can choose from plain brown bread If you wish to keep it healthy or you have various other options like French toast, cheese toast or even baked beans on toast.

Mushroom & Cheese Omelette with Toasted Bread
Mushroom & Cheese Omelette with Toasted Bread

If you always have a knack for exploring new then a Shakshouka would be fairly new dish to most of you, believed to have Tunisian roots it’s a combination of eggs, tomato, onion, cumin and few local spices all blended together over a slow simmering pan. In loose Arabic shakshouka means a mixture which is what it turns out to be on the face of it but the taste is very distinctive and cannot be confused with any similar stuff it comes with a 6 incher loathed with fresh mayonnaise.


For the ones who feel that a single serving wont do justice to their appetite they have few set breakfast combinations which have a wide variety like an Indian which would combine Indian paratha’s with curd and lassi or an English one which combines Hash-browns with egg, toast and coffee. I found my liking for the cheese breakfast which was cheese omelette with cheese toast, few potato cuts and a cold coffee.

Cheese breakfast(cheese omelette, cheese toast & coffee shake)
Cheese breakfast(cheese omelette, cheese toast & coffee shake)

People come here all thru the day not just for the food but the solace they find in the place on one side they have a fabulous valley view and Triund (trekker’s delight) and on the other there’s a raised platform over a busy road giving you a view to the world, Whatever your liking is this makes a perfect spot for all day solstice hogging.


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  1. Nice depiction once again and the snaps it-self speak of the preparation . One which soothes eye soothes tongue.

    Wishing to visit the area soon in order to relish the delicacies re commended by you.

    Always eager to find new information from your end.

    Looking forward to read more soon.


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