Mcloedganj- A budget ride to heaven

If in all your glory of existence you couldn’t connect to yourself or atleast you have that feeling somewhere buried inside then weep no more cause your lucky getaway is a trip to Mcloedganj. A place from dying colonial era which later became the home for the exiled and tattered Tibetans seeking refuge. As of now the place is a peaceful heaven where his holiness Dalia Lama resides and preaches his lessons of peace and there is sure some mystic air about all the Tibetans, they are so peaceful and loving that at times you would feel as if they are your long-lost brothers or sisters you just stumbled upon.

An early morning view
An early morning view

The place is barely 2*1 km, if you are there for a week you would have known all almost everyone and they would know you for sure (until and unless you are pre-planned to scare them). If the love and peace is not enough for you then the food is another blasting glory with great cafe’s as Lung Ta, Ri, Chocolate Log, Jimmy and Lhamo’s croissant you have the finest food from across the world.

The Monastery as well as residence of Dalai Lama 14th
The Monastery as well as residence of Dalai Lama 14th

You might or might not be a believer of Buddhism but that in anyways should not restrict you from a visit to the monastery; you would seek a certain amount of solace here by seeing even old people getting involved in a certain devotional exercise where they stand straight then lay flat chested on floor and repeat it endlessly for as long as they can. For other attraction you have the Neo-gothic church of St. John in Wilderness which is more than 160 years old and is sure worth a good glance.

What ya looking at??
What ya looking at??

This place is pocket friendly paradise on an easy run-away from your bustling north Indian cities, do make it to the place as soon as you cause although it’s never too late but somehow the ever-increasing crowd would consistently fade away the originality of the divine.


  • Get there-By air Gaggal airport is 15 KM, by train Pathankot is 85 KM and by road it’s 510 KM from New Delhi.
  • Stay- Sharma cottage for budget & Kareri lodge for mid range.
  • Eat- JImmy’s, Snow lion, Lhamo & Chocolate log
  • Good for- Rejuvenation, meditation & food

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