Ego Obsession

New Friends Colony or NFC was once the centre of attraction for all the crowd of town thanks to its strategic location, which worked even better with Noida based people. But in the span of few years you can observe a stark fall in its crowd as newer and better places have come up. But, there are still a few good old places stirring their magic as they used to even a decade ago, just like Ego Obsession.

Places like these don’t attract the specific new crowds but have a fixed clientele which works as a charm. Although they have an extensive menu at your disposal, most people rely so well on chef Pradeep Paliwal that they go with their age old selections or the chef’s recommendation.

Fish Parcels
Fish Parcels

I started my pallet with the most quintessential sounding dish, Fish Parcel, which consists of healthy chunks of fish wrapped in spinach leaves. It was totally ambrosial with inch-sized, evenly cut fish parcels grilled to perfection and then wrapped in spinach leaves for a flash-fry. In that very flash of a moment I don’t think I could have imagined a better starter. My choice of soup was Tomato & Basil; the taste and texture were simply rich but the distinctive part was that I got it piping hot, the way soup is supposed to be. Most places these days serve a sublime hot or Luke-warm kind of soup, which is not particularly my choice.

Baked Fish
Baked Fish

From the ‘Mains’ section of Ego specialty, I ordered Baked-Fish, which is succulent and comes with a healthy dose of vegetables on the side. The next order was Prawn Chilli Tomato, which comes with probably the best Jacket potato I have ever had in Delhi – a large cup-sized potato slit and filled with cheese and garnished with spinach on top. The taste could convince me to leave my throne.

Prawn Chilli Tomato
Prawn Chilli Tomato

For dessert it was none other than toothsome Tiramisu with a soft spunge and pungency of coffee, and, if you still want more of coffee just like me you can go ahead and spoil the shadow artwork on the side, which is quite a sight when plated.


The PLF for the place is 1800 INR for 2, The place can be contacted on (011) 26319107. The recommended orders are Fish Parcels, Baked Fish & Tiramisu.



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