Launch of Kyro cocktails

“Another night, another party” that’s mostly the anthem of youngsters in town and serving the same purpose is another place  Kyro cocktails located in M-68, 2nd floor, Greater Kailash-1. April 6th observed the grand opening of this place by owner Atul Tyagi who is a charted accountant by day and party-freak cum DJ by night.

Atul Tyagi- The Owner
Atul Tyagi- The Owner

The place has dark ambient interiors, well suited for a party; with a dance floor, individual seating and bar area too. The party was opened by DJ Vkey who is a DMC national champion and knows how to spin the crowd to his tune. A Number of industry and non-industry based people were present at the party along with a strong media line-up.

Sandeep Marwah enjoying the party
Sandeep Marwah enjoying the party

The owner seems to be on a high of getting the Sufi-night back to the GK area which have been strangely missing from here, he has laid them for Wednesdays to come and promises it to be the best night of his place.


The team targets the youth crowd of town with the party and mature one’s with Sufi and great cocktails. The PLF for the place is 1000 INR for 2 and the place can be contacted on (011)33105133.



  1. Looks a wonderful place to hang out! Does it have free wi-fi too? Somehow those thing quite important for the young crowds. Sending their pic through instagram and facebook during the party!! 🙂

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    • Mmm I doubt they have that, but I’m sure that is something the young crowd would love to have.. Thanks for your input my friend 🙂


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