Songs & Dances festival of North-East

Regional Dance
Regional Dance

In the plethora of festival, comes one that’s really unique and “The Songs & Dances festival of North-East” happened at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New-Delhi on 11th April 2015. The festival was organized by the North-East council as a sheer activity to promote the deep-rooted and ravishing culture of seven sister states of North-eastern India, which has sadly always been ignored or overshadowed by the other dominant parts of India.

Some assorted offerings
Some assorted offerings

The festival was a must visit for any music, food, culture lover or anyone who simply wants to know a bit more about a large chunk of his country that most people don’t know about, The place had some local food like rice-beer, sticky red-rice and dried/cured meat also for one’s who were willing to try these at a nominal rate. The risky one had an option to try the Bhut Jolokia or the Ghost chilli’s which are supposed to be the hottest chilli’s in the world.

Soulmate going live
Soulmate going live

There were number of traditional dances performed by people from all states and regional music bands, who have left a mark on the global charts and are probably more familiar names outside of India than here. Names like Soulmate and Lou Majaw were also a part of this.


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