If you manage to gain some evening time in the torrid weather of NCR, the place you must visit is Zamozza. The place is unique in every possible sense from entering through the starry glass side-walls to reaching the bigger & calmer inside which runs three different seating arrangements that seem to be right out of 17th century helm of Renaissance. You feel like Ceaser? you should walk to the rightmost area and get the feel of coliseum; You feel like a humble ordinary man then take the center aisle and at-last if you are in all ease and in a great company of someone you wish to focus on then its my favorite top-lit round tables, even though you are in a big area it would feel so personal here.

the beautiful interiors
the beautiful interiors

The place has the most unique name which was devised out of a sheer love for samosa, the man behind the show is Mr. Vidur Kanodia who once thought of the place which consuming a samosa and the rest as they say is just history. The menu is a clear example that the team behind it is well traveled and has tried to incorporate the best dishes from every part of the world.


I started my order with Kibbeh which is minced meat of young lamb, mixed with pine nuts and herbs flown in from middle east and slow baked; served on a good looking platter, the taste was smooth, a lot similar to the Doner kawabs of middle east which are already an everyday meal for British people. Next order was the chicken Quesadillas which is quintessential Mexican dish with a corn or wheat crust with a cheesy inside and salsa on the side, it was nothing extraordinary but nothing bad either, I would call it to be a very average take on the dish.

Chicken Quesadillas
Chicken Quesadillas with salsa
Edmame- Immature/raw Soybean
Edmame- Immature/raw soybean

From the Herbivorous section it was Edmame which is unripe soybean boiled and sprinkled rock salt, I am essentially someone who disregards soybean consumption for any male but this one was everything but soybean, it looked a lot like pea & did not have the pungency of dry soybean and could be a great snack. My next order here was a clear winner with flavours bursting right in my mouth, the dish is so fresh and completely guilt free; It’s none other than the Litchi Wantons, In my personal humble opinion it’s a fusion which struck the precise cords and is poised to take this restaurant places.

Litchi Wantons
Litchi Wantons
Mezze Platter with Hummus, Babaghanoush & Muhammara
Mezze Platter with Hummus, Babaghanoush & Muhammara

The Mezze platter is to kill for with its authenticity intact and a selection of sides a little different that has been doing rounds in the usual Indian diners, with names like Muhammara which even I consumed for the first time it is extraordinary mix of Pomegranate with walnut molasses, the taste is sheer exemplary. The ending notes were of sublime apple toffee.

Apple toffee
Apple toffee

The PLF for the place is 1500 INR for 2, the place can be contacted on (011)3310-5212 and the suggested orders are Kibbeh, Litchi-Wantons & Mezze platter.



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