The Shake Factor 

Decadance has a new address in Delhi’s Rajouri market. This place can be safely credited with bringing the overloaded shakes to Delhi, all the way from NYC. They like to call it the “Lickables”. It is a wholesome meal for grownup and looks more like a complete dessert mix mounted atop some shake.

Ferrero Rocher Donut Surprise
Ferrero Rocher Donut Surprise

The team’s constant experimentation has given them 15 odd successful variants  for these shakes by now, of which Magnum Upside Down, Farero Rocher Donut Surprise and The Muddy Pie have been instant hits with customers. They are pocket friendly, good looking, have loads of chocolate and set you rolling for next few hours or sleeping; depending on what’s your mood for the day.

Magnum Upside Down
Magnum Upside Down

Black Tap cafe in Manhttan, NYC is the one that started these shakes about 2 years ago and swept all possible media limelight for serving shakes as tall as 1 footlong. The experiment paid-off so well, that in a span of months this shake was seen in Australia and most well-known cafes across US and Europe. Somehow an average Indian is yet to realize, that he could perhaps choose a good milkshake or malt beverage for an evening with friends and not necessarily a drink or beer. Until the rest of NCR wakes up to this, Rajan Sethi’s AM PM cafe is having a cake walk to glory, for being the forerunner as well as lone player for the decadence offered.

Tiramisu Drool
Tiramisu Drool

Quick Run

  • Address: J 2/5, 3rd & 4th Floor, B.K. Dutt Market, Najafgarh Rd, Block J, Rajouri Garden
  • Contact Number: 011-33106012
  • Recommended: The “Lickable” series of shakes

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